Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is Eff48?

Eff48 is a statistic that has been compiled by the NBA since 2002. It measures the sum of all of the player's positive production stats (points + rebounds + assists + blocks + steals) subtracts them from the sum of all of the player's negative production stats (field goals missed + free throws missed + turnovers), then divides that by the minutes the player played, and then multiplies that number by 48.

This statistic provides a much, much better... albeit still not perfect... measure of a player's performance than you would traditionally get just by looking at the player's points and rebounds. Unlike those stats, Eff48 rewards all-around production, while it penalizes "volume scorers" -- guys who score a lot of points but cost their teams by missing a lot of shots.

I also like it because it is comprehensive yet very easy to understand, unlike some other more mathematically inclined "performance" statistics (see Hollinger, John.. "Per" stats).

Here's how to read the Eff48 numbers:

Eff48 Easy Translator

40+: All-World

35+: All-Star

27+: Elite

23+: Pretty good

20+: Average

< 20: Below Average

< 15: Crappy

< 10: NBDL Reservations being made

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Libertarian Assassin said...

Its a good stats but look at the NBA page. Most of the guys at the top of the league in the EFF48 are guys who play less than 10 minutes. Is Daniel Orton World class and would you take him over Kobe despite his nearly 2x EFF48 over Bryant?